These materials are to be used for the Looking at Student Work activities.

Please review the following video first:

Looking at Student Work....collaboratively...

For this activity, as a group.. for each of the four students...

1. Use a data analysis strategy to determine:
  1. concepts at which the class is generally proficient
  2. concepts that some or many of the students struggle with.

2. Explain what you would do if you were the teacher to target the areas in need of improvement and further develop students’ strengths. A description of how you would address issues of student diversity (i.e., differentiated instruction) should be included. Explain why you would use the strategy(ies) you suggest (note: You’re being asked to demonstrate your current understanding of pedagogical content knowledge here).

The Lesson Plan for this activity:

LASW - Needs Improvement
LASW - Proficient
LASW - Advanced